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“It’s primarily the quality of your work that has persuaded us to let Telecommerce carry on”

Managing Consultant – PSL (primary contractor to Royal Mail Group)
Implementing flexible, customer-focused solutions  
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Customer Interaction Centres
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Telecommerce - Maximising performance and satisfaction

We help companies to develop flexible customer interaction centres that allow consumers to choose how they wish to communicate – whether by phone or by email, for example.

  • Customer Interaction Centres
  • Integrating Calls with other media (live calls / IVR / video / email / web)
  • Creating Customer Focus (managing change / sales & service culture)
  • Common access to databases (single view via call centre or internet)

We also enable companies to respond to their customers in a consistent and co-ordinated way, by ensuring that all communication they receive – via whichever media – is centrally accessible in a common database.



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