“you were the first company that came to mind when the opportunity came up, reflecting how positively we both saw your contribution to D2C Reading.”

Distribution Director – Prudential
Maximising performance and satisfaction  
Contact Centre Develpoment
Contact Centre Operations
Customer Interaction Centres
Customer Relationship Management
Strategic Support
Implementation Support
Training & Development
Telecommerce - Maximising performance and satisfaction

We offer expertise on monitoring, reviewing and evaluating contact centre performance, as well as measuring customer and staff satisfaction.

  • Contact Centre Operations
  • Performance management (service monitoring / review / evaluation)
  • Customer & Staff Satisfaction measurement (satisfaction indices)
  • Improving business results (service levels / conversion / lifetime value)
  • Integrating people and technology (creating the culture)

We work with organisations to improve their business results, and we ensure their staff and customers are comfortable with the technology they use



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