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Director of After Sales Service Division – Bosch Siemens Home Appliances – UK
Maximising performance and satisfaction  
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Maximising performance and satisfaction

Implementing flexible, customer-focused solutions


We offer expertise on monitoring, reviewing and evaluating contact centre performance, as well as measuring customer and staff satisfaction. We work with organisations to improve their business results, and we ensure their staff and customers are comfortable with the technology they use.

Implementing flexible, customer-focused solutions

We help companies to develop flexible customer interaction centres that allow consumers to choose how they wish to communicate - whether by phone, text or email, for example. We also enable companies to respond to their customers in a consistent and co-ordinated way, by ensuring that all communication they receive - via whichever media - is centrally accessible in a common database.

Effectively managing customer relationships

We help organisations to get their marketing and sales teams working more effectively together; to better manage the complete customer relationship life-cycle; and to maximise the potential of existing accounts.

Developing clearly defined strategies

Justifying investment plans, defining distribution channel strategies and coaching junior and senior executives are just a few examples of the strategic support we are well positioned to offer.

Delivering today and in the future

We support clients in implementing change programmes by offering our expertise in all areas including project management, people development, and by providing interim managers. We also add value by helping companies to forecast and plan for the future, so that they’re ready for tomorrow’s challenges.





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