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Telecommerce - Contact Centre Develpoment

We can create the infrastructure, we can design the business processes, we can introduce the technology systems… but at the and of the day it is the skills, capabilities and attitude of people that delivers the appropriate experience to your customers and drive the business results.

From basic induction and product knowledge… through customer service and selling skills… to complaint handling and advanced sales techniques – Telecommerce has helped clients to equip and enable their frontline contact centre staff.

Frontline staff are only as good as their leadership – we have designed and delivered cultural change programmes, team leader training and coaching skills to ensure hat the contact centres we work with improve day by day.

Our "Contact Centre Director" programme is intended to be sufficiently flexible to help the director who has suddenly been given responsibility for customer contact and the call centre manager who aspires to develop a strategic capability. High quality leadership is essential – at team level, at centre level and at board level. We have worked successfully at all levels.


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